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Farda is a stanch defender of national and humanitarian cultures and rejects any kind of narrow-mindedness based on tribalism, sectarianism or certain beliefs...



Under the critical situation that seeds of discard have been sown among our countrymen, and because of the civil war they have been divided in to various factions, we the members of the Afghans Pen Club in Stockholm strongly believe that there are still many common points and grounds among our people and in spite of the harmful dominance of bigotry, shortsightedness and ignorance we can rely on our national, historical and religious values to fill in the gaps of hatred among various factions and revive our common national conscience...



Just published


"Qaht Sali"

A New Collection of Short Stories in Dari

By: Dr. Akram Osman

(See  Dari part of this web site)


A Man Keeps His Word

"Mardara Qawlas!"

By: Dr. Akram Osman
Translated by: Dr Arley Loewen


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Art Exhibition

By Rahim Ghafori




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The Charm Of Spring,
The Broken Wing,
The Shore Of Silence

by Taraneh Jawanbakht






Dr. Akram Osman
Chairman of Afghans Pen Club in Stockholm




Interrogating Conventional Wisdom about Terrorism


Afghans and Iraqis Understand Compromise

M. Jamil Hanifi

(updated 22 - Sep - 2006)


Rethinking Refuge and Displacement

M. Jamil Hanifi

(updated 30-Sep-2005)




M. Jamil Hanifi

(updated 23-Aug-2005)



Impoverishing a Colonial Frontier: Cash, Credit, and Debt in Nineteenth-Century Afghanistan.

Shah Mahmoud Hanifi



Editing the past: Colonial Production of Hegemony Through the "Loya Jerga" in Afghanistan

M. Jamil Hanifi




What Caused the Collapse of the State Infrastructure of Afghanistan?

M. Jamil Hanifi



Limits of Knowledge and Power in Afghanistan

Shah Mahmoud Hanifi


Message from
Poets Against  War


The innocent Afghans!!

Letter to President Bush,Congress and Senate

Fakhria Masom Alefi

March 18, 2004




Afghansb Pen Club and
The Swedish Committe for Afghnistan

celebrated 8th of Mrch (IWD)

Dr. Donia Gobar (from USA) and Dr. Parween Pazhwak (Canada), Afghan poets and writers, were speakers on March 8th in Stockholm.


Transcript of Donia Gobar's speech

Transcript of Parween Pazhwak's speech
Photo Album