Afghans Pen Club


Under the critical situation that seeds of discard have been sown among our countrymen, and because of the civil war they have been divided in to various factions, we the members of the Afghans Pen Club in Stockholm strongly believe that there are still many common points and grounds among our people and in spite of the harmful dominance of bigotry, shortsightedness and ignorance we can rely on our national, historical and religious values to fill in the gaps of hatred among various factions and revive our common national conscience.

That is why our members follow the  ”Pen”  - the best and the noblest tool – in the hand of human being.

We would try to reunite our culturati from all tribes and religious sects and bridge over their different standpoints.

We rely  on an enlightening rationalism to bring the best aspect of various cultures closer to one another and confirm our stanch support of the democratic values based on social justice referred to in the United Nations Charter on human rights. We specially stress on cultural concepts pointed out in the UN Charter.

(Afghans’ Pen Club in Stockholm , September 1997)